Ivan and the Immortal King, a Video Slot Available Online

Quickspin’s Ivan and the Immortal King slot machine is one of the games with the greatest volatility and the largest potential payouts. The 40,000-times-the-bet payoff is its most notable feature and the one that distinguishes it from other slots that are just ordinary in terms of payouts. This is something that has to be brought up as soon as possible and stressed. The game’s one-of-a-kind concept, which is communicated via hand-painted artwork, is the following factor that can pique your interest in playing it. It tells the traditional tale of the valiant Ivan Tsarevich, who went in pursuit of the spirit of Koschei, the Immortal King, which was said to be hidden somewhere in a needle, an egg discovered in a duck, a hare found in a chest, and finally a chest itself. Believe it or not, Quickspin was able to include all of these specifics into the slot machine, resulting in a multi-level gaming experience that is flawless and realistic.

A Guide to Playing the Online Slot Machine, “Ivan and the Immortal King”

You just need to follow these three easy steps in order to play Ivan and the Immortal King by Quickspin on any iOS, Android, or desktop device: choose the total amount of money you want to wager, spin the reels, and collect your winnings. The truth is, just like with any other Quickspin slot machine, you simply get to pick how much you want to wager overall, and you are not required to choose the number of coins to wager or the value of those coins in order to do so.

And if you’re a lover of Quickspin games, you already know that the rewards you earn for every successful combination are already shown in the paytable in line with the total wager you placed. This is something you already know if you’re a fan of Quickspin games. There is no need to spend time calculating and multiplying the total win since it is all provided for you in the paytable. Check the win display at the bottom of the reels to see how much money you have won in total.

When it comes to the symbols, you will see that the jewels shaped like triangles, purple, orange, and green, as well as octagons, blue, and red, are the ones that pay out the least in the slot machine. This information can be found in the paytable. In the best possible combination, the triangular ones will offer you a return of 5x the bet, while the octagon ones would return 6.25x the investment. You will get 15 times, 22.5 times, and 37.5 times the original bet if you get the dragon, the wolf, or the pretty woman, respectively. For a 5-of-a-kind combination, the two different kinds of the king each pay out 50 times the bet, while Ivan and the wild pay out 100 times the bet.

Ivan and the King of the Immortals Free spins as well as Bonus Functions

If we told you that Ivan and the Immortal King had a straightforward gameplay, we would be lying to you. When it comes to the formation of winning combinations, the normal wild may stand in for any of the other symbols on the reels, with the exception of the two dispersed symbols. The bonus symbol, which depicts a chest in the game’s center, might appear as either of the two dispersed symbols. The second one is a progress scatter that has a golden skull in the center of it.

It is possible that Baba Yaga will make a mysterious appearance at any time throughout the game, which would activate the Baba Yaga Surprise function. If the witch so chooses, she will facilitate your advancement to the next level by concealing four arbitrary symbols across reels that are next to one another. After that, she will either change between one and three of the symbols into bonus or progress scatters, or she will change all of the symbols into the same symbol that will be picked at random.

If you are fortunate enough to get three or more bonus scatters, the Koschei free spins feature will be triggered. If you get three scatters, you will go to level 3 and get 10 free spins; if you get four scatters, you will advance to the hare level and receive 14 free spins. If you are successful in triggering the bonus game with five scatter symbols, you will advance to the duck level and be awarded 18 free games.

There are six different multiplier levels available with the free spins bonuses. You will advance to a higher level if you collect three progress scatters, and with each level you advance to, you will get an additional four free spins added to your total along with a rising multiplier. Your multiplier is one-fold at the chest level, double at the hare level, and thrice at the duck level. Now, if you get to the egg level, you will receive a multiplier of five times and twenty-two free spins. However, if you go to the needle level, you will begin with a multiplier of ten times and twenty-six free spins! On the other hand, if you are successful in advancing to the Dead King level, you will be rewarded with a multiplier of 20 and thirty free games.